Our Food

When was the last time you ate authentic Lebanese cuisine with a fresh charcoal baked fragrant Tannour bread? Past favorites like neefa delicacies, lamb brains, lamb tongues, Fattheh, Samkeh Harra, Eggs & Awarma  and cured Sojouk are still served in our dine-in outlets.

Yet, one uniquely Lebanese restaurant has persisted: our food is churning out simple, straightforward, unfussy, understandable dishes. Flamboyant carnivores will find there heaven and have plenty of choice to target on the menu, from fresh Australian lamb cuts to fat free chicken grills, less expensive, but also quite satisfying, deeply-flavored, braised, lamb chops, chicken wings, or any steak from our International menu.

And if there are any concerns about cholesterol, go for a grilled fresh fish from the daily catch or for the chicken breasts cuts of the Shish Tawook with fresh salads.

Vegetarian guests can select and enjoy from several healthy options like the stir fried Chicoree or Gombos in tomato sauce, white rice platter on the side, etc.

Sports addicts will definitely enjoy the mixed salads, a fresh grilled fish, the grease free grilled chicken, and a multi-vitamin fresh juice to boost their energy.

Food list and an overview of the existing

Quality of Food

A unique and delightful experience of Fresh, Healthy assortment of Kebabs, Seafood and charcoal grills, suitable fordietary purposes to select from the display to be grilled to order, accompanied by fresh salads like Tabouleh or Fattoush or Hommos with very mild oriental seasoning.


The menu comprises a full range of fresh, healthy Lebanese specialities of which many are suitable for vegetarians:

– Starters: cold / hot: soups, salads, Lebanese mezzah assortment dishes

– Main dishes: A la Carte grilled or fried fresh meat,
kebabs, chicken, and seafood.

– Dali dish: 4 to 5 different daily lunch boxes suitable
for employees.

– Sandwiches: all types of grills and Shawarma with Arabic
bread, Tannour and French breads or Mexican varieties.

– Juices, fruit cocktails & drinks: A wide assortment of
fresh fruit juices or cocktails and typical beverages such
as Jallab, Tamarind, Ayran, Lemonade and soft drinks.

– Dessert: mainly Lebanese sweets, fresh fruits, coffee
and tea.